Monday, July 30, 2012

So this is it...

I'm done!  Whoo hoo!  I must admit that I feel very much more...current then before I started this class.  I was more scared of this class than of the one I took the week before with Bea Baaden.  I should not have been.  Her's was much more scary! This was!  I really have been resistant to the whole idea of social networking on a personal level and couldn't really see what kind of educational purposes it would have. But I do now.  And I'm excited about it.  Not all perhaps (Twitter, you can still kiss off for now) but a lot (I want to blog with students!)  Throughout the course I have been thinking of a bunch of ways to use most every tool we talked about.  I've already decided on my first few lessons should I get hired for that job I've applied for (hint hint Babylon...)  I want to have each class in each grade generate a word cloud about what the school library means to them.  I'd ask each student for a word to put in their class cloud.  I would then combine all the clouds for each grade, generating one cloud per grade.  I'd then combine all the clouds for the entire school so we'd have one big giant word cloud from every single student!  I'd like to revisit it at the end of the year as well to see how our perceptions have changed.  My other idea is for a Google Form survey to assess where each grade is in their library skills.  As a new teacher it's a great and easy way to see where you students are and where you need to start.  They could fill them out during some of their first library visits and the results are instantaneous and can be shared immediately, and graphically, with the class.  I love this.  I'm totally sharing these ideas with my mom for her job as a teacher/librarian.  (I'm also going to have to help her fix her website!)  I feel that I have really grown in relation to the web.  I'm not as scared of it and I don't feel as lost.  I feel I have a lot to give to a school.  I am raring to get into a building and start doing this work, start using these tools!  Even if that takes some time I plan on keeping up with many of them.  I think I'd like to keep blogging.  I do have 2 children to use as guinea pigs to see how kids can actually do the lessons I'm thinking of.  I can think of lots of fun ways to use things like Animoto, BigHugeLabs, and Spell with Flickr just for fun!  I really feel I have a new understanding and appreciation for "Web 2.0"

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